Manitowoc Motor Maching & Parts

Magnafluxing, straightening, regrinding, polishing and balancing are the services provided be ASE certified machinists.  Our Gleason Submerged Arc Welder is capable of building up rod or main journals as well as worn seal surfaces.  We can also repair worn surfaces on most any type of shaft.

  • We can build up any seal or bearing surface shafts from punch presses, electric motors, farm equipment etc.
  • Spray metalizing is available for those items that require a lower temperature buildup process.

Mark, master machinist, (left) is shown regrinding bearing journals for a large industrial crankshaft.

"Performance work" isn't just limited to sports cars and "agricultural jobs" aren't all farm tractors. This crank is going into a 500 cid John Deere Super Farm tractor pulling engine.